AlefEdge Accelerates Global Expansion with The Manhattan Project; Expands International Deployments to Bring Edge Internet to the U.S.

AlefEdge Accelerates Global Expansion with The Manhattan Project; Expands International Deployments to Bring Edge Internet to the U.S. 

NEW YORK, New York, June 12, 2019 – AlefEdge, the Edge Internet leader, today announced the U.S.  launch of The Manhattan Project, a new opportunity for application providers, carriers and tower companies that focuses on open edge Internet deployment worldwide in smart retail, smart travel and other immersive and ultra-low-latency consumer facing applications. With initial U.S. deployments in Boston, Chicago and Manhattan metropolitan areas, The Manhattan Project leverages the benefits of the Edge Internet by bringing together the power of connectivity, applications and application programming interface (API)—the three essential software layers required for an edge economy.

“In April 2018, we went live with The Manhattan Project in Asia as the first successful edge computing deployment worldwide,” says Mike Mulica, Executive Chairman and Board Member of AlefEdge. “In 2019, we repeat the unit-of-one model in North America. Working at the edge, whether that be the tower edge, metro edge or the operator edge, we collectively construct monetizable and friendly business models for the entire edge economy. By building an open edge Internet with diverse partnerships, we have the ability to transform the industry in a way that the entire ecosystem wins—without waiting.”

The Manhattan Project, built on an open platform in live real-world deployments across the globe, brings connectivity and computing together at the edge to provide the bridge between the application developers and networks. In previous deployments, moving streaming and advertising applications to the edge not only reduced churn and increased performance but also created a more engaging experience resulting in exponentially larger numbers of clicks per campaign and users watching the videos.

“The edge will impact every industry in profound ways,” says AlefEdge Founder and CEO Ganesh Sundaram. “We have positioned ourselves at the nexus of the three critical pieces required for the edge: the network, applications and edge cloud locations. Our Open5G Platform creates opportunities for industry verticals to innovate on 5G today, with our software stack the key to unlocking the edge!”

With AlefEdge, application providers have new choices in edge locations to host their applications outside of the cloud. Beginning summer of 2019, application providers will be able to host their applications on the AlefEdge Open5G Platform at the edge of the network.

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About AlefEdge

AlefEdge is the leader in the Edge Internet, delivering the power of the 5G based Edge Internet to application developers through our easy-to-use technologies. At AlefEdge, rich media applications, clouds and networks work in tandem to achieve an unprecedented level of performance. We enable 5G applications through open API’s at the Edge that make service adoption and distribution friction free. AlefEdge works with partners to build the world’s first Edge applications that leverage and realize Virtual and Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Industry 4.0, Smart Cities, IoT and Gaming. The AlefEdge Open5G Platform brings 5G applications to life, unleashing a massive Edge Internet economy.

AlefEdge is headquartered in New York City, with offices in India and Brazil. Visit for more information on how we can help.

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