The Kinetic Edge Alliance: What it is and what it means for Alef Mobitech

The Edge Internet is here—and it is now. Parallel to and at the edge of the mobile and desktop internet, it is a universe where new applications, business models and companies can be born. Compatible with 5G and 4G LTE technology, the Edge has the potential to become the next trillion-dollar industry and the only industry that will have significant impact on every other trillion-dollar industry, including mobile! To make this a reality and realize the tremendous opportunities ahead, however, it is essential for us to combine our strengths through strategic partnerships.

That’s why we’ve decided to join the Kinetic Edge Alliance (KEA).

Launched by Vapor IO, a provider of tower-connected edge colocation and interconnection services, the KEA is an industry alliance of leading software, hardware and networking companies committed to simplifying edge computing for the masses. With a goal to drive the broad adoption of compute, storage, access and interconnection at the edge of the cellular network, the KEA brings together the brightest minds and advanced technology to deploy the Edge on a global scale. It is an initiative of such great magnitude, that it could very well spark the reconfiguration of the entire internet.

Consider disruptions now occurring in nearly every aspect of our daily lives that were once unthinkable. Uber, for example, has all but replaced the traditional taxi in many cities across the globe, with autonomous, driverless cars not far behind to disrupt the ride-hailing industry altogether. In the world of content, cord cutting is disrupting cable and unleashing real streaming wars between the up-and-comers and the legacy cable companies. Streaming entertainment, too, has become a worldwide phenomenon, from Twitch to HBO. And look at our mobile network operators; 5G is on pace to be the biggest network disruption we have seen in our lifetime.

With disruption commonplace in our world today, it seems only natural for Alef to join the KEA, particularly with our unique ability to bring computing and applications to the edge (any network edge). Uniting with best-in-class deployment and technology partner members from across the industry, we create synergistic growth with our complementary strengths, bolstering the efforts of the only body providing a comprehensive, real-world architecture for edge-computing deployment, while taking the guesswork out of new rollouts and ongoing operations.

As one company, we can achieve much, but there is remarkable strength in numbers. As part of the KEA, we amplify our ability to impact the planet and grow as a company. What edge native applications can we create? What applications can we enhance at the edge? At Alef, we have talked about this extensively. There is an opportunity in Edge Gaming to provide a “Netflix for Gaming” application for consumers. There is an opportunity to create a truly mobile and unique experience in the stadium for sports fans. We have also explored the major U.S. sports broadcasting contracts and how technology will change the streaming landscape. The Edge will even allow us to create a truly smart drone to perform any task we program the drone to do. These are just a few of the limitless applications we have envisioned with the support of the KEA. The possibilities are endless, with the experiences beyond the imagination.

In 2013 Chetan Sharma, one of the leading strategists in the mobile industry, predicted that mobile would become a trillion-dollar industry and impact every other trillion-dollar industry. We believe the Edge will have the same profound effect. If we look back in history, there was a time where applications were designed for desktop but accessible on mobile, and where Smartphones allowed application providers to enhance existing applications and create mobile native applications. We suggest the same with the Edge. 

At Alef, we believe successful disruption cannot occur in isolation but rather through a willingness to cooperate. By leveraging the kind of strength the KEA will provide, we—as a committed consortium of technology pioneers—will not only create unique products and solutions but take us—as a planet—to places we’ve never been: The Edge.


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