DediPath and AlefEdge Create Strategic Partnership

DediPath and AlefEdge would like to announce a strategic partnership in the continued explosive growth of both organizations.  AlefEdge is the leader in the Edge internet, providing a Software-Defined Mobile Edge (SD-ME) platform and open APIs for Enterprises and developers. SD-ME allows organizations to deploy Edge computing easily, creating a low-cost path to 5G-style applications. This is especially relevant for any Enterprise looking to reach consumers and other business devices in the “new normal” of work from home, as well as the industrial modernization era.

The combination of low-latency and ultra-high bandwidth service provided by DediPath and the functionality of Alef’s SD-ME platform provides a powerful platform for deploying Edge computing services onto private networks, including existing LTE, CBRS, and Wi-Fi networks, as well as emerging 5G networks. By abstracting out 5G, and combining Alef’s compute and delivery platform along with APIs, developers can create 5G style applications without waiting for 5G.  This partnership combines the absolutely critical network and facility architecture with a highly capable Enterprise SD-ME implementation. DediPath has purpose built the infrastructure in their newest locations of Las Vegas as well as Jacksonville, matching the market expansion of cellular providers in the US 5G market.

This relationship is especially exciting due to the near-term expansion of DediPath into ten new markets in the United States. All of these markets feature 5G infrastructure as well as expansion plans from all of the major national carriers. This expansion solution means that DediPath will be able to provide partners like AlefEdge the ability to package high bandwidth, low latency, DDOS protected traffic, closer to the customer.   This results in faster load times and unheard-of performance!

About DediPath:

DediPath is a provider of infrastructure as a service (IaaS) which offers dedicated server hosting, virtual private servers, hybrid servers, collocation, and managed services. DediPath’s customer-focused team has a wide-ranging proficiency in managed services as well as collocation, all for one competitive price.

About AlefEdge

AlefEdge is the leader in the Edge Internet, delivering the power of the 5G based Edge Internet to application developers through our easy-to-use technologies. At AlefEdge, rich media applications, clouds and networks work in tandem to achieve an unprecedented level of performance. We enable 5G applications through open APIs at the Edge that makes service adoption and distribution friction free. AlefEdge works with partners to build Edge applications for use cases such as Virtual and Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Industry 4.0, Smart Cities, IoT, and Gaming. The AlefEdge Software-Defined Mobile Edge Platform brings 5G applications to life, unleashing a massive Edge Internet economy. AlefEdge is headquartered in New York City, with offices in India and Brazil.

Authored by AlefEdge & Dedipath


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