AlefEdge, Hivelocity and Vapor IO Accelerating Edge Services for Enterprises and Developers

Building tools for developers to create 5G Edge applications NOW

Hivelocity has selected Vapor IO’s Kinetic Edge™ Platform to extend its bare-metal cloud to the service provider Edge throughout the U.S. — major news within the Edge Internet ecosystem. By bringing together a leading bare metal cloud provider with the first fully-integrated hardware and software system for Edge colocation, exchange and networking services, the Edge becomes immediately available for enterprises.

Why is this such important news?

By deploying a bare metal cloud across Vapor IO’s Kinetic Edge platform, enterprises and developers now have access to cloud resources in Edge environments. This shifts the entire pricing paradigm from upfront costs to a subscription software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, enabling an even bigger shift from CapEx to Opex, which is a monumental win for the Edge ecosystem.

Last week, we announced the launch of the Alef EdgeNet platform, which enables the creation of Edge applications and services based on reference architectures using a SaaS model. Enterprise customers can now pay as they go, buying only what they need and consuming Edge services anywhere, anytime, and anyplace. We are seeing a major milestone of maturity in the Edge Internet, where the pricing model being adopted reflects the Cloud Native model developers live in and the SaaS model to which enterprises and consumers are accustomed.

The Hivelocity and Vapor IO collaboration creates the essential citywide infrastructure on which developers can build applications and enterprises can deploy and manage applications. Hivelocity’s Edge-to-Core bare-metal platform gives the developers the availability to deploy new 5G-style applications on Vapor IO’s Kinetic Edge architecture wherever, whenever, and whatever!

AlefEdge is excited to be one of the first customers to use Hivelocity’s bare metal cloud on the Kinetic Edge platform. Last month, AlefEdge and Vapor IO announced their collaboration to roll out AlefEdge’s Software-Defined Mobile Edge (SD-ME), which makes it possible to deploy edge computing services onto private networks, including existing LTE, CBRS, and Wi-Fi networks, as well as forthcoming 5G networks. The combination of Vapor IO’s Kinetic Edge infrastructure, Hivelocity’s bare metal cloud, and AlefEdge’s SD-ME platform provide the critical architecture needed to support enterprise customers with near-prem requirements for ultra-low latency and high bandwidth services.

By leveraging Open APIs and the Software-Defined Mobile Edge, application developers and network programmers now have the ability to build applications as they would in a Cloud Native world. We aren’t here to build the applications, we’re here to build the infrastructure and tools for developers to build the next great applications like distributed AI, IoT, robotics, autonomous vehicles, and augmented reality.

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