We are Alef!

Meet the company that will launch 1,000,000 private networks and transform the way the world lives, works, and plays.

We’re making the edge economy real through our Private Edge platform – so developers and businesses can build and connect with a purpose.

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As a developer-first company, Alef simplifies the complexity of 5G and edge computing by arming creators, programmers, and developers with APIs that unleash the massive power of the edge economy. This allows companies, institutions, and people to build on the “art of the possibility” regardless of geography, status, and financial resources. By democratizing access and new opportunities, we accelerate the adoption and use of 5G networks and applications that sit at the edge.

Private Edge – The Platform

Changing the game of
speed and connectivity

Private Edge gives enterprises and organizations the freedom to quickly, easily, and affordably launch their own 5G networks. We’re democratizing data and application access unlike ever before. Months of deployment are gone. Now start in a matter of minutes with Alef’s patented technologies.

The Private Edge platform consists of 3 products that make 5G and edge a reality

Edge Points

Become your own mobile operator and stand up your own private edge network.

Edge Builder

Use our sandbox where developers can build the next generation of 5G apps that reside on the edge.

Edge Marketplace

Buy, connect, collaborate, and share information on pre-configured products (apps) built using the APIs from Edge Builder.

Deploy in Minutes Not Months

Unlock the possibilities of a self-service marketplace where enterprises and developers can control and access a suite of Edge APIs and deploy their own private network within minutes.

  • Automatically connect 4G/5G access points to Private Edge
  • Download an eSim and configure security
  • Start building your 5G Edge applications