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The AlefEdge Architecture Center provides reference architecture diagrams, vetted architecture solutions, Well-Architected best practices, patterns, icons, and more. This expert guidance was contributed by AlefEdge architecture experts, including AlefEdge Solutions Architects, Professional Services Consultants, and Partners.

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Security, Identity, & Compliance

Learn how to meet your security and compliance goals using AWS infrastructure and services.

Identity & Access Management
Manage access to AWS services and resources.
Data Protection

Operate the security services that protect your data.
Detection & Incident Response

Detect suspicious activity and respond to risks.

Implement compliance controls with AWS.
Infrastructure Protection

Monitor and control your network infrastructure.
Analytics & Big Data
Build secure, reliable, cost-effective data-processing architectures.
Data Lakes

Best practices for setting up and managing data lakes.
Data Management

Store and manage your data in the cloud.
Data Analytics

Analyze your data at scale in the AWS Cloud.
Latest Trends

Trending topics in analytics and big data.
Data Warehousing

Learn how to migrate your data warehouse to the cloud.
Compute & HPC

Learn how to develop, deploy, run, and scale your applications.

Core Compute

Deploying secure, reliable compute capacity.
High-Performance Computing

Best practices for high-performance computing.
EC2 Spot & Fleet

Guidance for running EC2 spot instances and Spot fleet.

Learn the most secure, reliable, and scalable way to run containers.

DevOps Practices

Leverage containers to enable DevOps workflows.
Container Security

Best practices for securing your containers.

Enable visibility and anomaly detection.
Containers for ML Workloads

Leverage containers for ML workloads.

Choose the right database for your use case and access patterns.

How to Choose a Database

Choose the right service for your database.
Migrate Your Database

Best practices for moving your database to the AWS Cloud.
Modernize Your Database

Learn how to build databases for modern applications.


Financial Services

Learn to build the most secure, compliant, resilient cloud architectures.
Game Tech

Learn how to build, operate, and create computationally ridiculous games.
Travel & Hospitality

Deliver enhanced customer experiences and operational efficiency.

Additional Domains

Machine Learning

Build effective and efficient machine learning architectures.
Networking & Content Delivery

Learn to connect devices, and collect, store, and analyze device data.
Management & Governance
Learn to more rapidly and reliably build and deliver products using AWS.

Learn to build and run applications and backend services without servers.

Learn how to move existing applications to the AWS Cloud.

Design reliable, scalable, and secure data storage architectures.

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