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Alef AdVision is a solution created with the help of Open APIs, which takes real-time video from cameras, uses AI to determine age, gender and/or sentiment of the person(s) in front of the screen, and delivers a targeted ad previously bid on in a real-time micro bidding environment.
This enables relevant advertisements to be played on a DOOH screen.

Brief Highlights

The Alef AdVision solution brings together a collection of assets that allow Connected Screen owners to continue to monetize their assets. The solution follows all Programmatic DOOH Advertising standards, while also following 3GPP standards for network connectivity. Alef brings its’ standard Reference Architecture for connectivity along with the Alef AdVision solution.
By enabling an intelligent screen for advertising, the entire Programmatic DOOH Advertising ecosystem can unite under a common solution. Alef AdVision enables a proximate computing and processing environment for the screens to become intelligent and to deliver the advertisements in real-time from an Edge location thereby ensuring the lowest latency possible in delivery. The solution provides the connected screen with a high availability and intelligent computing and processing environment for the screen owner and advertising ecosystem.
Alef AdVision solves key Connected Screen owners’ problems around targeting, fraud, real-time bidding, post advertisement reporting, lack of computing environments and screens that are not intelligent. The solution enables advertisements to become targeted to a very high degree using cameras and AI to create targeting parameters around Age, Gender and Sentiment. The solution comes with a transparent bidding environment with dashboards and analytics around the impressions, usage, up-time and availability. These advertisements that are delivered can be tracked and reporting based on who saw the advertisement, when they saw the advertisement, and gaze time can be captured. Reporting KPIs are presented back to the advertiser and screen owner through dashboards.
The key benefits of the solution are:

  • Create new advertising impressions
  • Decrease fraud
  • Increase transparency
  • Compute resources for real-time intelligence and ads
  • Increase real-time bidding engines
  • New and enhanced reporting techniques and dashboards
  • Open API ecosystem for integration

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