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Let’s optimize video traffic at the Edge of the network.

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The Mobile Internet architecture prevalent today was not really built for efficient and fast delivery of video. Meanwhile the proliferation of high definition (HD), ultra-high definition (UHD), 2K and 4K video has necessitated an efficient delivery mechanism for such video with minimal latency and little to no degradation in quality. The current inefficiency has created transport problems leading to massive bandwidth costs and poor quality.
The centralization of video servers in the cloud and the need for mobile video requests to be served through the P Gateway of evolved packet cores (ePC) have led to dissatisfaction for consumers and Enterprises, due to buffered videos, slow start times, jitter and poor quality. Consumers and Enterprises are looking for a better video experience resulting from an optimized video architecture for their delivery with low latency and high performance.

Brief Highlights – Peering at the Edge

The Alef Boost solution is comprised of intelligent Edge Routing, Edge Connectivity and Edge Compute APIs. By leveraging Alef Boost and using intelligent routing to an Internet Exchange Point that is local, the solution enables application and video traffic to be delivered from the edge of the network.
Through a peering exchange, Alef routes traffic requests intelligently to application and video streaming servers at a Metro edge location. The result is end users experience increased video resolution, better data throughput and an increase in frames per second delivered.
Also, applications that are peered locally at major traffic points such as the Hypercloud companies see a boost in performance Alef Boost thus provides an increase in end user satisfaction due to better application performance and an optimized video experience.
A reduction of 20ms RTT through Alef Boost helps deliver the following:

  • An increase in Video Resolution by up by 27%, resulting in superior viewing experience and customer stickiness
  • Higher data throughput by up to 62% resulting in increased video size within the same time frame thereby improving the user experience exponentially
  • Improvement in the quality of user experience by increasing the frames per second of the video delivered.
  • Seamlessly smoothens the effect of Network Variance on user experience
  • AlefEdge increases the network throughput and network efficiency by over 48% through the reduction in RTT and application of algorithmic optimization for traffic handling.

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