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In the world today, there are six core video types that Enterprises leverage in their day to day communications. Employees leverage them every day in their working lives and in their personal lives.
Stream Processing
Live Streaming
Collaborative Video
Video Notifications
Interactive Video Messaging

Benefits of SD-ME

Video on Demand – The Software-Defined Mobile Edge can dramatically the performance and usability of Video on Demand Streaming for Enterprises. We have tested a variety of Video on Demand Streaming applications for the Edge and have found the below results:

  • 1x better HD resolution at 1080p and 1.7x better startup time (80 percentile) for Media & Entertainment applications;
  • 6x better HD resolution at 1080p and 1.8x better startup time (80 percentile) for advertising applications;
  • 2x better in PDF and 360 Degree HD Images throughput and 1.7 better download response times (80 percentile) for learning applications; and
  • 4x better HD resolution at 1080p, and 1.5x better startup time (80 percentile) for virtual reality applications.

Stream Processing – By processing streams at the Edge of the Enterprise Network, solutions can be significantly enhanced to create a secure and manageable intelligent solution that creates actionable insights in real-time for Enterprises. The Software-Defined Mobile Edge can enable the uplink streams to be processed creating actionable insights out of the data. To do this, part of the stream is processed at the Edge of the Enterprise Network and the rest of the stream is sent to the Cloud for storage and Machine Learning.

Live Streaming – By incorporating the Edge into Live Streaming, the available throughput and bandwidth smoothens out to create a more reliable stream. The Edge can not only enhance the performance of the Live Video Stream, but also enhance the product through other application features while being open with the ecosystem.

Collaborative Video – By leveraging intelligent tools and enhanced performance, employees can increase their productivity. The Edge not only dramatically increases the performance of videos for employees, but gives them intelligent tools to be successful. Tools in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Multi-Cast, Augmented and Virtual Reality, etc. can all enable the work force to become more productive, but also integrate their solutions into their Software-Defined Mobile Edge Collaborative Video solution.

Video Notifications – Using open APIs and solutions, Video Notifications can be dramatically enhanced for Enterprises. We have seen in multiple campaigns how dramatically the Edge impacts video delivery, performance, click through rate, calls to action and message retention. Video Notifications at the Edge can be enhanced from a simple SMS to a Video embedded within the file matched with intelligent features such as location finders and chatbots.

Interactive Video Messaging – By enabling employees a frictionless tool to share and interactive with each other through video, Enterprises can increase the productivity levels within their culture. The Software-Defined Mobile Edge offers Enterprises tools to enable secure sharing, collaborative working environments, ease to use content onboarding and notification systems. These tools can dramatically increase the usage of video and the ingenuity within Enterprises.

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