Meet The Team!

At Alef, we are building the next wave of digital transformation by bridging together the network community and application community to unlock the untapped potential of society. We have brought together world class leaders and innovative minds to provide the tools to give to society, so we can innovate at our true potential!
Dr. Ganesh Sundaram
Founder, Chief Executive Officer
Steven Spencer
Co-Founder, Chief Operations Officer
David Span
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
Joseph Hammer
Executive Vice President, Business Development
Vijay Rajamani
Executive Vice President, Products
Neel Venkatraman
Chief Business Officer, APAC

Board Members

Our Board is comprised of some of the worlds greatest innovators with a past of bringing disruptive and transformative ideas to life!

Mike Mulica
Executive Chairman of the Board
Dr Ganesh Sundaram
Founder and CEO, Board Member
Jim Bennett
Board Member
Vineet Chadha
Board Member
Philip Erdoes
Board Member
David Kiger
Board Member