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Portal FAQs

Account Creation and Management

I lost my password, how can I reset my password?
If you are currently signed into the portal automatically and need to change your password, click your name in the top right corner for a dropdown to appear. Once it appears, please click “My Profile”. Once in “My Profile” you should see change password in the horizontal navigation bar on the middle of the screen. If you are not logged in, there is a button for “Forgot Password?” on the Sign in Screen.
As an Enterprise with X employees, how do I sign up for Edge services?
To first sign up, the administrator of your enterprise account will have to sign up for an account at the following link: . From there the administrator will automatically be able to sign up 12 additional enterprise developer accounts. If you require more than 12 developer/user accounts, please contact an Alef Representative.

Portal Usage

As the Head of IT, how many additional developers can I invite to use our company account? How do they sign up?

Initially you can sign up to 12 enterprise developer accounts. If you require additional developer accounts, you can contact an Alef Representative. To sign up the 12 enterprise developers, the administrator will be prompted to enter the developer’s email address. From there, a sign-up email will be sent directly to the developer. Once the developer follows the instructions, his/her enterprise developer account will be created.

How do I spin up a Micro Edge location in order to use the Edge?
In order to spin up a Micro Edge, a Private Edge must first be deployed. This can be completed by selecting a location from “Locations” to deploy your Private Edge or by clicking on “Products” and selecting Private Edge. Once the deployment has been finalized and paid for, you will be able to take advantage of the SD-ME Edge!
What is the difference between My Locations and Alef Locations?
“My Locations” is specific to your enterprise. If you have any Edge deployments currently active, they will appear in the “My Locations” section of your home page. Alef locations shows all the possible locations where Alef’s SD-ME platform is deployed and where Edge Services are available for consumption.
How do I view my billing information?
If you are currently signed into the portal and would like to view billing information, click your name in the top right corner for a dropdown menu. Please click “My Profile”. Once in “My Profile” you will see “change password” in the horizontal navigation bar on the middle of the screen.
How do I navigate to my account? What Account Management features are available?
In the top right corner of the portal where the account user’s name is present, when clicked, a drop-down menu will appear for account management. In the Drop-Down menu the following options are available for account management. “My Profile” provides an overview of all account information and permits updates. “User Management” allows an administrator to view all Enterprise developer accounts currently associated with the larger enterprise account. “Account Reporting” provides detailed analytics on the users and their time spent interacting with the portal. Finally “Billing Information” provides a detailed look into any spending that occurred on the Enterprise account.

Alef Products and Solutions

Once I pick a Micro Edge location, what services can I order?
The full suite of products and services that can be ordered are available on the Products tab of the portal. These products and services can boost network performance, video delivery and much more!
Once I pick a service, what happens next? How do I begin using the Edge?

The first product you will need to deploy is an Alef Private Edge. Please go to the Products tab on the horizontal navigation bar. Once you purchase this product for the exact locations you want, you will now be using the Edge! Additional products can be purchased to enhance your Private Edge product by clicking on the Products tab on the horizontal navigation bar.

I have employees in different locations. I would like to connect all these locations to Alef’s Private Edge. Is this possible?

Yes absolutely. The first thing to do is to sing up for Alef Private Edge at each Brach Office location to get your employees on to Alef’s EdgeNet and to begin enjoying high quality and superfast Edge services. All of Alef’s Micro and Metro Edge locations are interconnected using Zero Trust security and the most efficient routing.

Where can I learn more about Alef’s SD-ME technology and features?

The following white paper goes into extensive detail describing the Alef SD-ME technology and features, https://alefedge.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Edge-Cloud-Considerations-Final.pdf. Information on all Alef Products and services can be found by clicking the Resources link on the horizontal navigation bar of the Portal.

What is EdgeNet? What are its benefits?

Alef EdgeNet is a Alef’s Mobile Edge Internet, a parallel connected universe to the existing Internet. The benefits to the user of using EdgeNet are session persistence, availability of applications as the user traverses across private and public networks, and sustained quality of experience. It is very easy for any Enterprise to sign up and begin enjoying the performance and versatility of Alef’s Software Defined Mobile Edge. Interested? Read all about EdgeNet in our EdgeNet White paper, https://alefedge.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Alef-EdgeNet-for-Enterprises-Final.pdf.

Where can I learn about the benefits of a Private Network?

You can learn about all the benefits of a Private Network here, https://alefedge.com/products/alef-private-edge/. Information surrounding all of our products and services can be found by clicking on the Resources tab on the horizontal navigation bar of the Portal.

How can I deploy interconnected Private Networks into an Edge Cloud?
This will happen automatically when you sin up for Alef Private Edge at different branch office locations. Your employees will be able to take advantage of Alef’s Premium offerings such as Edge Roaming, Edge Mobility, Edge Orchestration and Edge Mobility when they become available in short order.
I am a developer looking to take advantage of Edge APIs. When will these APIs be available?
Very Soon! We are diligently working to expose our network and mobility layer as well as our application enablement layer in the form of multiple APIs. These powerful APIs along with connectors and other services will enable network function developers as well as application developers to take advantage of the power of Alef’s EdgeNet to reach their customers with low latency, high performance applications. Please come back soon and stay abreast of Alef’s exciting and innovative APIs!
How can I use Edge APIs in my application?
It depends on your application and what latency targets you plan to meet! If you would like to improve the performance of your application, or the data available to the application or anything else, there is an API for you to reach new Enterprise markets! These APIs are continually being improved and we will update this information as soon as they are ready for market consumption.

Customer Support and Service

My Edge stopped working? How do I report an issue?
If there is any issue, please report via our ticketing response system. You can access this feature via the “Get Help” button underneath the drop down at the top righthand portion of the portal. Once you are on the “Get Help Page”, please fill out all required information on the second half of the page. Once you have finalized this information, please press Submit and your case will be opened.