Frost & Sullivan Selects AlefEdge

2020 Global Edge Optimizing Software Product Line Strategy Leadership Award
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Key Benchmarking Criteria
Product Line Strength
  • Criterion 1: Breadth
  • Criterion 2: Scalability
  • Criterion 3: Technology Leverage
  • Criterion 4: Features
  • Criterion 5: Supply Chain Reliability
Customer Impact
  • Criterion 1: Price/Performance Value
  • Criterion 2: Customer Purchase Experience
  • Criterion 3: Customer Ownership Experience
  • Criterion 4: Customer Service Experience
  • Criterion 5: Brand Equity
Decision Support Scorecard
To remain unbiased and to protect the interests of all organizations reviewed, Frost & Sullivan has chosen to refer to the other key participants as Competitor 2 and Competitor 3.
Decision Support Matrix


The proliferation of immersive applications the Internet of Things (IoT) spurs a massive surge in connected devices and modules. At the same time, these immersive and IoT applications require high network bandwidth and low latency. Edge computing technologies alleviate the bandwidth crunch for many IoT technologies. However, end users are constantly challenged by efficient deployment, management, and monetization of edge compute technology.
AlefEdge addresses this issues with the industry’s first SD-ME based solution. Given its unique plug-and-plug characteristics, ability to interconnect with different private radio access and public networks, and multiple embedded open APIs, AlefEdge’s cloud native offering is the industry’s first solution to address the inherent challenges associated with the widespread rollout of edge computing.

With its thought leadership, technical excellence, and ease-of-use, AlefEdge earns the 2020 Frost & Sullivan Global Product Line Strategy Leadership Award.

Rohan Thomas, Frost & Sullivan