AlefEdge offers innovative mobile edge services. Our platform enables network operators to extend new service capabilities for mobile edge applications with Alef mobility cloud interconnect, application delivery framework, mobility API, session manager, internet break out services, and service management platform.

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AlefEdge offers a complete portfolio of innovative mobile edge applications/services for the mobile operators and over-the-top (OTT) service providers. Our products enable innovative rich media services via the Alef Platform from the mobile edge.

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The Alef approach allows for ultra-low latency, ultra-high-definition applications to happen over 4G that would not otherwise be realized. What does this mean? – Autonomous Transportation, Augmented and Virtual Reality will not be bothered by cords or lagging videos, Artificial Intelligence to make life easier, IoT and Manufacturing Machines become automated and Smart Cities that make you feel like you are in the future.

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