Alef Video Enablement API

Leverage Alef's ultra low latency, enhanced security, and superior video quality to develop next generation 5G Edge video applications

A Software-Defined Mobile Edge (SD-ME) Competitive Advantage delivered by Private Edge.

Alef Open APIs and SDKs remove the complexity of building and allow your applications to be deployed in minutes.

Start building today!


No Video Intelligence

It is nearly impossible to get real-time intelligence from upstream and downstream videos.

Processing and Compute is Lacking
The continual rise of data consumption is outpacing Network Architecture upgrades.
Security Attacks on the Rise
Phishing attacks and “Zoom Bombs” are commonplace leaving security extremely paramount.

Outcomes with Alef Video Enablement API

Video Intelligence for Real-Time Decisions

Gain new intelligence on upstream and downstream videos to create real-time actionable insights

Supercharge your Applications
Give your video and applications an uplift enabling them to get unprecedented performance with open APIs
Anytime, Anywhere 5G Grade Security
Comprehensive 5G Grade security for immersive video applications on the go.

Build for today and create for the future.

Build your Edge in minutes using Alef’s powerful APIs and Services.


Use Alef’s Content Management, Video Delivery and Analytics APIs & Services to create brilliant video applications.



User / Hour


In addition to Silver, get additional video services, access to premium dashboards and video usage analytics.



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In addition to Gold, get 24×7 Customer support.



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