Edge Advertise

Get More Revenue with Advertising based WiFi

A Software-Defined Mobile Edge (SD-ME) Competitive Advantage delivered by EdgeNet.

Alef removes the complexity of building and deploying an advertising network that allows you to monetize your existing network.

Connect today with the Edge Advertise API!


Lack of knowledge of your visitors

Smart Venue Operators and building owners have little knowledge of the visitors who come in and use free WiFi in their venues.

Time & Complexity

Building and deploying an advertising solution that requires users to watch advertisements in exchange for free WiFi is complex and time-consuming.

Lack of new Revenue Streams
Today, Smart Venue Operators and building owners face difficulties in creating new monetization opportunities from their existing assets.

Outcomes with Alef Smart Venue Advertising API

Connect to Your Visitors
Use the data collected to create and send messages to influence visitor behavior and drive sales.
Ease of Deployment

The Edge Advertise API allows you to launch your own advertising network without worrying about the complexity of building an advertising network.

New Monetization Opportunity
Gain insights to help improve your venue efficiency and increase revenue. Our single pane view of the Sponsored Data Marketplace provides real-time information on user behavior, location monetization data, impressions, fill rate, and more.

Build for today and create for the future.

Powered by Private Edge

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Per 1000 Logins*

Advertising Revenue Share with Venue Operator

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