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Use Alef AdVision to reach your audience at your Enterprise location with targeted DOOH advertising.

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An SD-ME Competitive Advantage

Deploy Alef AdVision onto Connected Screens and connect to a new DOOH Advertising Marketplace.

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Static Advertisements
Advertisements are stuck on the same loop without any dynamic capabilities to change based on the population. IoT devices need intelligence to keep up!
Starved of Compute & Processing
Connected Screens lack the ability to process and compute any real-time information or analytics
Lack of Analytics
There are no common easy to use analytics for the Programmatic DOOH marketplace
No Easy Solution
The entire pDOOH ecosystem is fragmented resulting in niche solutions and complex systems
No Targeting or Demographic Information
Connected Screens lack the ability to advertise in real-time to specific groups of demographics
Rampant Fraud
The pDOOH ecosystem lacks the transparency to track delivered advertisements and reconcile any differences

Outcomes with Alef AdVision

Programmatic, Targeted Advertisements
Deliver programmatic and targeted advertisements in IoT environments with Edge Bidding and real-time analytics on possible impressions
Edge Compute & Processing
Creating a local edge compute and processing environment for connected screens to connect and deliver pDOOH advertisements
Real-Time Analytics and Dashboards
Leverage the Edge to take advantage of real-time analytics and dashboards on your campaigns and impressions
Easy to Connect
Connect to a new ecosystem of pDOOH advertising with simple and easy to use interfaces and integrations with open APIs
Precise Real-Time Targeting
Deliver highly targeting advertisements in real-time using new KPIs and targeting parameters
Fraud Prevention
Eliminate fraud by tracking advertisements and deliveries through open API’s analytics

Build for today and create for the future.

Build your Edge in minutes using Alef’s powerful APIs and Services.


Use Alef’s Edge Compute and Delivery API and Alef’s Analytics for Targeting API to ensure your creatives are delivered rapidly to targeted individuals.



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In addition to Silver, drive higher returns on your SSP Assets by taking advantage of Alef’s Edge Bidding API.



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In addition to Gold, get 24×7 Customer support.



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Experience the power of Alef’s Software-Defined Mobile Edge (SD-ME) and transform dumb screens into contextually aware connected devices.

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