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Use Alef AdVision to reach your audience at your Enterprise location with targeted advertising.
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Use Machine Vision + AI to Deliver Targeted Impressions

Alef AdVision uses Machine Vision + AI + Ad delivery from the Edge to deliver a real-time, immersive ad experience on Digital Out of Home (DOOH) Connected Screens.

Deliver Advertisements / Sponsored Content from the Edge with Low-Latency​

Alef AdVision is a solution created with Open APIs, which take real-time video from cameras, uses AI to determine age, gender and/or sentiment of the person(s) in front of the screen, and delivers a targeted ad previously bid on in a real-time micro bidding environment.

Seamless Connected Screen Integration with Alef’s SSP Plugin

By deploying the Alef AdVision solution, Connected Screen owners enhance the value of their assets. Alef’s localized computing and processing environment from the Edge is leveraged to create the intelligent environment for an Edge advertising ecosystem.

Solutions for Use Case

Edge Enhanced Applications for the Enterprise
Targeted content / advertisements that are contextually aware
Edge Bidding
Enhanced Edge analytics
Edge Platform Capabilities
Edge Roaming
Edge Mobility
Edge Orchestration
Edge Elasticity