Alef Edge Branch FAQ

Provide secure 5G Edge applications to your Remote Workers from the Edge and significantly reduce Branch Office management complexity.
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Alef Edge Branch FAQs

Can I connect any device using the Edge Branch Product?

Edge Client – How to use to connect

What other software and/or equipment will the Enterprise have to download in order to use the Edge Branch product to connect to EdgeNet?

Edge Client, Alef takes care of everything

How is Edge Branch Priced?

Please look at our pricing page (insert link). We have a subscription model for Enterprises with three different plans. We also offer component level pricing to some of our SI and VAR Partners.

How secure is Edge Branch?

Top of the line (Pull from Security Section of Edge Branch Document)

What are the typical Use Cases that an Enterprise can run on Edge Branch?

Examples from new box created

Can I run low-latency applications from my favorite Application Providers?

Yes, Alef provides an entire Open API driven architecture so best-in-breed applications can be run from the top Application Providers in various Edge Native categories such as AI, ML Inference, AR/VR, Autonomous Systems, etc.