Alef Edge Branch Solutions

Provide secure 5G Edge applications to your Remote Workers from the Edge and significantly reduce Branch Office management complexity.

An SD-ME Competitive Advantage

Solutions for Every Need

5G Edge Performance Today with NO Costly Upgrade

With Alef’s SD-ME based Alef EdgeNet, enterprises can begin their digital transformation today without waiting for a costly upgrade to 5G.

Superb Application Performance Today

Digital transformation has unleashed numerous use cases from application performance improvements to new applications that require the power of the Edge such as Industrial 4.0, real time stream processing, and IoT.

Deploy the Low-Latency Applications of the Future, Today

By delivering the power of a 5G Edge Edge Internet through its platform’s easily adaptable plug-and-play overlay architecture, Alef EdgeNet can enable enterprises to upgrade and futureproof their network without the need for costly upgrades, and ready themselves for the massive Digital Transformation that lies ahead.

Solutions for Every Use Case

Typical Edge Branch Applications

VDI / DaaS
File back-up
Software patch management
Storage orchestration;
Business Applications such as ERP, Financial, Analytics;
Productivity Apps like Office 365, Project, Sharepoint, Teams, mLearning

Edge Platform Capabilities

Edge Roaming
Edge Mobility
Edge Orchestration
Edge Elasticity

Edge Enhanced Applications for the Enterprise

Low-latency Video Delivery
Boost Cloud Application Performance
Enjoy Unparalleled Security for all your Applications

Edge Native Applications

Edge Advertising
Edge Visual AI
Edge AR/VR
Edge IoT
Edge Autonomous Systems
Edge Social Enablers