Alef In-App Video Notifications

Build exciting 5G style Video Notification Services using Private Edge APIs.

A Software-Defined Mobile Edge (SD-ME) Competitive Advantage delivered by Private Edge.

Deploy 5G Style Video Notification Services for your important campaigns.

Deploy your High Definition Video Apps in minutes.


Lack of Sufficient Processing and Compute

Without an Ultra-Low Latency Environment to leverage, it is impossible to deploy 5G style High-Performance Video Applications.

Resistive Deployment Process

Without proper tools, the deployment of 5G style Video Applications is repetitive and time-consuming.

Lack of Functional Diversity

Inability to deploy heterogeneous 5G style Video Applications Applications to satisfy multiple Enterprise use cases.

Outcomes with Alef In-App Video Notifications

Superior Environment for 5G style Video Applications

Private Edge’s Open, Modular, Secure platform is the perfect Ultra-Low Latency environment for Developers to build 5G High-Performance Video Services.

Frictionless Delivery Mechanisms

Private Edge provides an extremely simple and fast delivery process such that a Developer’s Application can be ubiquitously present in minutes.

Diverse Set of APIs across the Entire Stack

Private Edge API’s are not limited in scope nor function. The Entire Stack is exposed for the Developers to accommodate the heterogeneous demand of 5G style High Performance Video Applications.

Build for today and create for the future.

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