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Edge Connect FAQ

Where do I find my API Key?

There are two places in which you can find your API Key. The first is within the portal; You must select the Account Dropdown in the top right of the Developer Portal and select “My Profile”. On the “About Page” in “My Profile” API key is listed as the last item on the second column. Furthermore, the API key is included in all Developer’s Welcome Emails.

How do I configure my Service?

There are two portions to the workflow, the first is on the Portal and the second must be done manually. This workflow begins with the same process mentioned in the Service Specific API Information and Service Analytics Questions, My EdgeNet -> My Services -> Content Analytics Page of specific service. Once on the content analytics page, the vertical navigation bar should contain a “Configure” option. Please click this option and fill out the relevant information for configuration. To complete the manual steps associated with the Edge Connect Product, please follow this document.

What RAN does the Edge Connect Product leverage?

While Alef’s Solution is RAN agnostic, the Edge Connect Product strictly leverages the Citizen Broadband Radio Spectrum (CBRS). Additional Products will be released specific to the different RAN technologies that Alef is compatible with such as WiFi and other LTE technologies.

Is Connectivity only offered over an eSIM?

No, in addition to the eSIM offering, users can take advantage of the Edge connecting through a physical SIM as well as an eSIM.

What devices are compatible with CBRS?

A comprehensive list of devices that are natively compatible with CBRS can be found here.

What are the Benefits that come with the Edge Connect Product?

In addition to the Ultra-low latency and Ultra-high bandwidth that comes from Edge Connectivity, Alef’s Edge Connect Product offers significant benefits to its users. There is no need for enterprises to build and manage a private network. The absolvent of this responsibility eliminates the need to hire relevant mobile network support, reducing TCO and potential burdens on the IT department. Furthermore, the ease of deployment will greatly reduce the time it takes to bring this private network online.

How can I tell my Solution is Working Prperly Post-Configuration?

Answer Pending

How do I connect employees across multiple Locations to Alef's Edge Connect Product?

Yes absolutely. The first thing to do is to sign up for Edge Connect at each Brach Office location to get your employees on to Alef’s EdgeNet and to begin enjoying high-quality and superfast Edge services. All of Alef’s Micro and Metro Edge locations are interconnected using Zero Trust security and the most efficient routing.

My Edge stopped working; how do I report an issue?

If there is any issue, please report it via our ticketing response system. You can access this feature via the “Get Help” button underneath the drop-down at the top right-hand portion of the portal. Once you are on the “Get Help Page”, please fill out all required information on the second half of the page. Once you have finalized this information, please press Submit and your case will be opened.