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Why Alef EdgeNet for Enterprises?

Alef EdgeNet is a collection of interconnected Mobile Private Networks driven by Alef’s invention – a programmable Software-Defined Mobile Edge (SD-ME) platform that orchestrates applications, devices and network services seamlessly.
Alef’s SD-ME delivers on the long-awaited promise of a distributed Internet and the power of a new high-speed Edge Economy to application developers and Enterprises alike through open Edge APIs, products and services. By delivering the power of a 5G Edge Edge Internet through its platform’s easily adaptable plug-and-play overlay architecture, Alef EdgeNet can enable Enterprises to upgrade and futureproof their network without the need for costly upgrades, and ready themselves for the massive Digital Transformation that lies ahead.
The Alef EdgeNet framework allows Alef Edge Sites to be connected into an Edge cloud that enables mobility management at the session level, roaming between Private Edge Sites, orchestration of user application services across Enterprise Edge Sites, and the elastic flow of microservices across Alef Edge Sites to adjust to varying demand for them.
Alef’s Software-Defined Mobile Edge platform enables a new set of mobility, cloud and application APIs that enable Enterprises and application developers to unleash the full power of the Mobile Edge using a Software Defined architecture. By leveraging Alef’s unique Edge Mobility and Application APIs, Enterprises can enable, deploy, orchestrate and manage the Edge and applications.

What is Alef EdgeNet for Enterprises?

Alef EdgeNet for Enterprises addresses the digital transformation imperative for Enterprises by offering a Software-Defined Mobile Edge platform. Alef’s SD-ME is highly automated, works on Wi-Fi or LTE networks, has a high degree of automation, and embraces an open, programmable API based architecture.
By leveraging Alef’s SD-ME Programmable Edge architecture with a subscription model, an Enterprise can build its own private network by leveraging a completely private and secure network provided by Alef. Alef’s SD-ME based architecture takes advantage of the shift away from Networking Engineering to Network Programming, allowing every layer of Alef’s software stack – connectivity, cloud, and application enablement – to be programmable. Digital transformation has unleashed numerous use cases from application performance improvements to new applications that require the power of the Edge such as Industrial 4.0, real time stream processing, and IoT. With Alef’s SD-ME based Alef EdgeNet, Enterprises can begin their digital transformation today without waiting for a costly upgrade to 5G.
The Alef EdgeNet SD-ME framework allows different Alef Edge Sites to be connected into an Edge Cloud that enables mobility management at the session level, roaming between Enterprise Edge Sites, orchestration of user application services across Enterprise Edge Sites, and the elastic flow of microservices across Enterprise Edge Sites to adjust to varying demand for them.

The core Cloud capabilities of Alef’s SD-ME based Alef EdgeNet are described below:

Edge Mobility

Seamless movement of a user session from one Private Edge location to another

Edge Automation

Plug and play installation of Alef’s SD-ME in a Micro edge location and the ability to bring Enterprise wireless traffic onto Alef’s SD-ME stack in a completely automated way

Edge Roaming

Movement of a user session from one Edge network to another, whether Private or Public

Edge Orchestration

Transference of application state awareness from one Edge location to another so the user’s experience is seamless

Edge Routing

Plug and Play integration of Alef’s software stack into the Micro or Metro Edge environment

Edge Elasticity

Intelligently moving microservices around thereby ensuring adequate Edge resources in any given edge location

Edge App Enablement

Securely enabling the next generation of Edge native and Edge enhanced applications through Open APIs and a programmable interface

Benefits of Alef Stream Processing & Smart Surveillance

Alef EdgeNet based on SD-ME creates a 5G experience using your existing Wi-Fi or LTE network today, without the expense or complexity of upgrading to 5G. Enterprises can automatically connect and integrate their wireless traffic with the nearest Alef Micro Edge site and begin their digital transformation in minutes.
With Alef EdgeNet Enterprises can experience:

  • 100% secure zero trust networking creating a secure data environment
  • 62% higher data throughput increasing productivity
  • 48% increase in network efficiency resulting in lower bandwidth costs
  • 1x better video resolution creating more high-definition and ultra-high-definition video possible
  • 7x faster startup time leading to ultra-fast applications such as enhanced analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence
The Alef EdgeNet platform and open APIs can be easily purchased and deployed through the Alef EdgeNet Portal. Alef EdgeNet customers can pick locations where they would like to deploy their Alef EdgeNet, pick a standard offer around Alef’s core Private Network platform and additional products and services to begin their digital transformation.
With Alef EdgeNet, Enterprises can deploy Edge native and Edge enhanced solutions easily including dozens of ultra-high-def video solutions, AR/VR, computer vision, AI, Video Conferencing and enhanced security. In order to deploy these solutions, Enterprises can leverage Alef’s Open APIs and build their own internal solutions or leverage Alef’s Marketplace for 3rd party applications and solutions.
Alef EdgeNet provides the following benefits:

  • Accelerate Edge Businesses: Collaborate and develop new Edge applications faster with a library of reusable Edge APIs, connectors, and more
  • Mobile Edge Connectivity: Integrate with any application data, or device — on-premises or in the cloud or at the Edge
  • 48% increase in network efficiency resulting in lower bandwidth costs
  • Friction-Free Development and Deployment: Time to market advantage by integrating APIs to build applications faster, and deploy easily using one unified Alef SD-ME platform
  • Future-proof architecture: Alef’s overlay architecture works seamlessly over any access network like 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, CBRS and easily upgradeable to 5G
  • Secure by Design: Protect data and control access with Alef’s unified security framework based on thereat models, the use of a firewall at the Edge, and different layers of security
  • Actionable Visibility: Manage all your Edge deployments from a single interface that provides for data visualization allowing quick identification and resolution of issues as they arise

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