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What is Alef Media Streaming?

The current video streaming market is fractured and disaggregated. Independent content companies are building their own applications for internal and external consumption. This creates industry wide problems that can only be addressed by providing technology solutions to content providers, allowing them to focus on what they do best – providing high quality content.

Alef Media Streaming is a next generation Video Enablement Platform.
The platform supports all types of video content, including short form, long form, live form, live social, etc. for content providers and advertisers. The Alef Media Streaming Platform provides you with the tools you need to enable an improved user experience while focusing on new applications and content. The streaming technology allows improved delivery and content aggregation by streaming from the Edge.

What is Alef Media Streaming?

Alef Media Streaming provides a micro-backend to content providers and content aggregators. The Edge enables content providers to innovate, without having to worry whether or not the network can handle it.

Enterprises and application developers are not necessarily streaming application companies and they should not be concerned with the technology requirements. Instead, they can focus on what they do best – creating content. You can find an endless number of streaming applications resulting in a fragmented market. The responsibilities of who does what are flipped. Enterprises want to be able to create the content and distribute the content – not the security of the application, the quality behind its delivery and latency issues, etc.

Alef Media Streaming has distinct set of product features which can be leveraged:
  • Discovery, Delivery and Distribution
  • Ultra-HD Content
  • Enhanced OTT Offerings (New Products)
  • Live and VoD Channels
  • Live Upload and Live Viewing for Social
  • Immersive Edge Delivery
  • Leverage Telco Big Data
  • Edge Advertising Insertion

Once connected to Alef’s Media Streaming Backend, application developers can rapidly create new products and services like:

Enhance Existing Apps

Enhancing OTT offerings leveraging the Edge with immersive features. Placing content at the Edge is more than just immersive delivery. It provides the ability to create an enhanced user experience through a variety of features.

Video Crunch

Entertainment and content are both mobile. The rise of using mobile devices for entertainment and advertising is undeniable. Content must be quick and enjoyable. With Alef Media Streaming, you can create digestible short form content chosen and specified for end users to consume.

“My TV”

Leveraging big data is key to a personalized and engaging experience. Using Telco Big Data, OTT’s can create personalized and suggested content chosen by/for you to consume.


Video screens in the back seats of cars faded out due to technical limitations. With Car.TV, you can stream content to the screen without any concerns about application handoff, providing passengers with new forms of entertainment.

Enterprise Applications

Enabling Enterprises to communicate with employees through video. The content is chosen by Enterprises for employees to consume is only available to the employees.

Venue Tube

Streaming of specific content chosen by the venue provider and only available at the specific location. Dependent on the venue, conferences, keynotes, sporting events, concerts, etc. a stream of the content is available for attendees to view at the location.

Smart Surveillance

Today, facial recognition is done through image-based machine learning. With Alef Media Streaming, the image-based machine learning can be turned into video-based machine learning. This turns video surveillance streams into intelligent video streams where continuous processing can be done at the edge.

Venue Replay

Providing fans at venues a video on demand (VoD) experience on their mobile devices of what is happening at the game. The replays are stored at the Edge and available to fans through stadium applications for their viewing.

Alef Media Streaming can be deployed and leveraged by Enterprises to directly solve their technology backend issues. Enterprises can leverage a secure, intelligent and manageable Streaming Application for their employees allowing them to focus on the content – instead of the issues around a streaming application.

Benefits of Alef Media Streaming

Alef Media Streaming is an easy to deploy backend that will dramatically impact your video streaming and employee communications.

By using Alef’s open and modular APIs bundled together as Alef Media Streaming, you can not only enhance your video streaming, but continue to leverage your ecosystem solutions.

We have seen in several deployments how Alef Media Streaming can create benefits for Enterprises and streaming providers. Based on measurements made in networks where Alef’s SD-ME has been deployed, Alef Media Streaming provides:
  • 2.1x better HD resolution at 1080p and 1.7x better startup time (80th percentile) for Media & Entertainment applications;
  • 6x better HD resolution at 1080p and 1.8x better startup time (80th percentile) for advertising applications;
  • 2x better in PDF and 360 Degree HD Images throughput and 1.7 better download response times (80 percentile) for learning applications; and
  • 4x better HD resolution at 1080p, and 1.5x better startup time (80th percentile) for virtual reality applications.

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